How can you become more closer?????

November 26, 2009 9:35pm CST
Hi guys, If you love any girl and that girl also like you but "just a friend" only. Then what will you do to let her be over from that "just friend" relation? Thoughts are most welcome.
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@Hatley (163781)
• Garden Grove, California
27 Nov 09
hi prashant well do what my hubby to be did many years back, he just kissed me lightly on the lips and wow I felt a sizzle go down my spine and suddenly I knew I was out of like and in love and six weeks later we were married. lol.
27 Nov 09
@bhawanee (174)
• India
13 Dec 09
Every girl says the same thing that she treats a boy saying just a friend but in reality she too has something in heart where at one point she says that i feel sad as i could not speak to for one day. There ends the matter and you are not just a friend but a very close friend who has chance to become a life partner.
• China
27 Nov 09
Hi friend,well,I think you are having a wonderful feeling now.This kind of feeling between girl and boy is so……If you know she loves you ,and you want to dating with her,you can choose a suitable time and give her a romantic talk and let her know that you love her.Best wishes!
• United States
27 Nov 09
The typical problem with waiting to get to know her too long is you become friends, and just friends. That means no dating. Ask her out to something very casual, like a cup of coffee. A walk in the park. Keep it casual, and express some interest early on. If you wait too long to show your interest, it becomes creepy. You establish your role as someone she'll date, AND you get to know her as a person. It's a win-win. I don't know if going to her door is good or not. That depends. That could work or that could come off totally wrong. Out in public area would be a much better idea, generally. Unless, you have been in her room comfortably a few times. Definitely the next time you see her out somewhere, ask her then. Be casual and relaxed. That's where many guys screw it up.