cafeteria with only one recipe each day, would you care to eat?

@chiumee (851)
November 27, 2009 12:56pm CST
i did and i had to do it. it's like at first, i even thought i was in a prison. but actually, i even guessed, prisoners' meals are far better than what are being offered in the cafeteria where i work. have you ever been in such a place. that the last thing you would ask if you don't feel like eating their served meal, is to go to the gift shop and buy a junk instead. but what can i do? this is the only thing they know how to prepare i guess. they would dress the food with a lot of stuffs to make it looking good. but the taste you will just say, forget it, i need to stuff my stomach in order to have energy later at work. on the contrary, thank God, i'm still alive.
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