do you a Christmas Party this December?

November 28, 2009 12:12am CST
we just had our meeting this morning. we voted for our proposed activities this December, and one of those is the Christmas party. Yes and No are the choices. votation come whether we will have a party of not, only 7 voted yes and the rest are NO. without any reason at all, we don't have party this December. Sad somehow, because this is the only time we get together with friends and colleagues from the different department, socialize with each other, update each other, have a good laugh... but that cannot be possible this December. what about you, do you have Christmas party of none? Y? if you have, what do you usually do during party?
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• Philippines
28 Nov 09
Yes, we are having a Christmas party in December. The officers of the employee organization had met and discussed details of the party. They discussed where, when and what parts of the program there will be. It is a real good time to meet people from the other islands of the region. It is usually a happy event for us, even with the meager budget that we always managed to squeeze.
@happy6162 (3009)
• United States
28 Nov 09
I am not working so I will not be having a Christmas Party. Where my husband worked there are just a few employee and they only had one Christmas Party in all the years he has worked there. I did get to go to it. When I was working we did have a few Christmas parties and it was enjoyable getting together outside of work and having fun with friends and colleagues.
• Philippines
6 Feb 10
well then.... that is one of life's BLESSING. to be able to enjoy with friends and colleagues aside from our very one family during this specially occasion of the birth of our savior. thanks, thanks... take care..