What is your stand on thirdsex people???

November 28, 2009 12:36am CST
I want to know your thoughts about thirdsex people including gays, bisexuals, and lesbians... Do you think they have the right to fall in love? How about those man to man to man relationship meaning there are three of them in the relationship, is it possible to have that kind of relationship? I would like to know your opinion about this...
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@mythociate (16265)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
8 Jan 13
... That is, the way to forgive them of it is to forget it about them. If they center their identification around it, you have to stay away from them to forget it about them. Example: some guy I know, he's a drama-Bachelor/-Doctor---that is, he was a university drama-student (musical theater). As to whether he's truly gay or not, I can't say (and don't want to know); but he "walks like a (gay man) and (talks) like a (gay man)." But it doesn't come up in our interactions, and it's not gonna. And those 'mannerisms': I've known married (straight) men who have those! My dad, for instance! (And this was WHILE he was still married to mom!) Point is: they become like beggars-under-the-interstate-highway to me (riding safe-&-secure in my limosine (sp?) above them). If I had a job for them to do, I could help them. But they refuse to do the job I would have for them (finding a woman for ME), so I can't help them.
@grace147 (223)
• Philippines
8 Jan 13
hi young_prince26, i'd like to share my insights about your topic. As for me, everyone has the equal rights irregardless of who we are or what we are. I know God only created man and woman distinct from each other. Morally, this is what we know. But time changes, and for some reasons, thirdsex humans has been identified that deserve every right in this planet. Yes we uphold morals and values just to maintain the norms of standards but where does morals and values goes when someone denounce, condemn and/or outcast the thirdsex human being or perhaps mal treated them. You say "thirdsex people" but i prefer " thirdsex human" - for they have soul and heart - that deserves all. Its all about choice and the choice we maketh must be guarded with full responsibility.