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@MJay101 (711)
November 28, 2009 1:25pm CST
Self-explanatory, this one. Paddy gets an interview for a position on a construction site. The foreman asks: "Can you make tea?" Paddy responds: "Aye, sure I can!" The foreman then asks: "Can you drive a fork-lift truck?" Paddy says: "How big's the f*ckin teapot?" Share your top joke!
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@Louc74 (620)
28 Nov 09
A fancy dress party is thrown, and the invitations read that all guests must dress up as an emotion. The host opens the door to the first guest, a male, who is wearing green trousers, shoes, and a bright green shirt. "And what are you supposed to be?" the host asks. "I'm green with envy" replies the guest. "Brilliant! In you come then!" The second guest is a female, dressed in a pink leotard, pink tights, with a pink feather boa draped all over her. "I'm so happy, I'm tickled pink" she says. "Great, in you come" says the host. Next time he opens the door, he sees his old friends, Paddy, and Mick. They are both stark naked, and Paddy has a pear on his p*nis, and Mick has his member inside a bowl of custard. "What the h*ll are you two supposed to be?" shouts the shocked host. "Well" says Paddy, "I've just come in dis pear, and Mick here, is f*ckin' dis custard!"