Do you bless yourself when you hear an Ambulances or Fire Brigades Siren?

November 29, 2009 6:08pm CST
When you are sitting in a room or car or wherever you are and you hear the siren of an Ambulance, do you bless yourself? If you do Why? If you dont, what do you think of the idea? I've always had a habit of blessing myself when a siren indicating possible danger goes past. Including ambulances and the fire brigade. I always do it in the hope that the person that they are helping will be alright, that they arent someone I love and that God will protect them and there family and also to help the firemen, paramedics, etc. What about you?
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30 Nov 09
No. But it comes into my mind and maybe I think I pray or wish that that person will be alright. Sometimes, I feel pity and just hope that nothing like that would happen to my family.
30 Nov 09
Thanks for te reply. I also say a prayer inside my head when I bless myself.
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
20 Apr 10
Hi, puttycatt1. No. I have never done this before. I never knew to do this. But it makes perfect sense now. It is nice and sweet that you care for others in this way. It is good that we will bless the people that are going out to rescue or protect someone. It is the right thing to do.
• Germany
15 Mar 10
I pray rather than bless. The sounds of Ambulance and Fire brigade sirens makes me pray for the one it is called for. I pray that they get there on time and that the said person will be okay. And i'd thank God that i am not that person needing help.
@rainie30 (146)
• United States
4 Dec 09
When we hear the sirens go off around here, my husband and I always say a prayer for the firemen and policemen going to help, as well as everyone involved at the scene. We do this whether it is someone we know or not, because we are all connected through God.
• Australia
30 Nov 09
No, I haven't "blessed myself" for the last 51 years of my life, although I did so before that, when I was a Roman Catholic and was about to become a nun. What possible good can "blessing yourself" achieve? It can achieve nothing. Now, I very often PRAY for everyone involved, praying to my loving heavenly Father, through the Lord Jesus Christ.