Have you ever seen The Grim Reaper? Has it paid you a visit yet?

@cream97 (29163)
United States
November 29, 2009 6:54pm CST
I saw this black hooded figure last year. I thought that I was losing my mind. It was staring at me in all black. It had on a dark long and hooded cloak. I could not see its face because, where its face was it was darkness. But, I could tell that it was staring at me, because it's face was staring straight ahead at me. Then this year my son said that he saw this creature. He said that it was trying to get his cereal. It said that it wanted his cereal. My son constantly tells me this. He had on black. My son said that this figure was in his grandma room. I wonder why is this apparition around. What do you think this apparition of The Grim Reaper mean? My son tells me that he has worms on his tummy and he had ants and spiders on his head. My son says that he has bugs on his head. He said that it had sharp teeth too. What is the reason for it's presence? I know that my son is not making this up, because the day that he saw it, he ran into the room where I was at, he was very frightened when he came to me.
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@chiwasaki (4661)
• Philippines
22 Aug 11
That is really scary though I never seen one. I had a situation before, in our old house we have this wooden sculpture of Christ. Then around 8pm, a bat entered our house and stayed on top of the sculpture. And then we found out that our aunt that is suppose to live in the old house passed away the same time. That was scary. If you are very frightened, just pray to God so He can protect you and your family.
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@APSC_girl (119)
• Philippines
11 Aug 11
Wow, that was too scary. I mean, for me it is interesting to see ghosts and spirits and entities but I will never ever want to see something like Grim Reaper. That's too dangerous too. Thank God, I didn't see something like it.
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