United States
November 14, 2006 7:43pm CST
pullin out my hair tryin not to scare or scar myself and stealth of a plan reads me a ban I intend to break to awake my inner senses not let down my defenses no longer a challenge need balance but who doesn't I'm a b**ch but I've got a life I'm a woman but don't understand I'm a lover but who's not a fighter? I'm a writer releasing my words and though it may sound absurd I'm going to make it big no matter how many b**ches stand in my way I'm sensitive maybe too much at some times but no one knows me without my approval they just seek removal before I am born and I'm starting to understand that friends can be everything and no matter what life brings I'll always have that and I am religious and I am realistic and I am idealistic and adventurous and fun so anyone that thinks other wise isn't worth my time because time is precious and a**holes don't deserve it I'm going to make something of myself so watch and see
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