Will you ever justify suicide

@hireshd (492)
November 30, 2009 10:42am CST
hi friends, do you believe that committing suicide is not a sin and one of the solutions of a problem, I do not believe that committing suicide is a good idea to end a problem rather it leaves a scar in people. I believe that no person has the right to take one life when he does not have the right to create one, I think that after someone commits a suicide the people around him are left with no choice and they remain with a guilt of what wrong they did which resulted in committing a suicide. Whats your take on committing suicide?
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• China
1 Dec 09
I believe ppl can't choose the way they come to this world ,but of course they have the right to choose how to leave. ;) Also it's not so good for ppl to judge them as weaker or coward,unless you know how much pain and torture he has beard. Other than that ,talking about the remaining pain to their family and friends thing,I think it's quite another problem. These are two different topics ,right? Anyway,it's unfair to deprive a person's right because of other ppl's feelings.Maybe it's a stupid way to end or avoid a problem,even if the outcome is sad,but still it definately could not be regarded as a sin.
• India
1 Dec 09
Never! is a straight answer i would give to your query. People in depression are unable to think in broad perspective and make such harsh decisions, all they need is some time to discover and realize themselves. I think we should always help such people in every way possible.
• Canada
30 Nov 09
There will never be a time in the history of mankind. When people think that this life is the only life they will ever get. In my belief system, life is only preparation for the after-life and cutting it short like that will not help at all.
@babshish (1389)
• India
30 Nov 09
Hi, In my point of view, no matter what ever the reason, but it cannot be justified by any reason. It is just unable to face the problems or failures on one's part. No matter whatsoever is the reason, one must face it and look forward for better things. There is always more dark before morning, and that is the time when you should keep paitence and wait for the morning instead of fearing from the dark and losing hope. Need to fight with the situations and come out of it. Because if whoever is doing suiside, he will get out of the problems for sure, but just think how many others will be left behind because of that person, his loved ones and dear ones.