"Corruption is not an outcome of democarcy". do u agree??

democracy - democracy is by the people and for the people
November 30, 2009 1:41pm CST
Democracy gives equal rights to all the people to select their own leaders on the basis of their capabilities and goodness.If people choos wrong leaders then it is not the problem with democracy and it is with the people Do u agree that corruption is not an outcome of democracy???
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@laglen (19778)
• United States
1 Dec 09
I do agree. Corruption comes from corrupt unscrupulous people. Democracy can work as well as a Republic.
@umer5222 (724)
• Cyprus
30 Nov 09
Corruption comes from dictator's. There may be some individuals who may involve in corruption but i strongly believes that corruption is not an outcome of democracy.
@ra1787 (501)
• Italy
30 Nov 09
I think the real problem is the use of media and marketing techniques to make people vote for something. Even if sometimes we don't notice the media is brainwashing us. Too much information is distorted, this way the people can't choose using their own mind but is forced to think in a certain way. Democracy itself is not the problem, the problem is people. Forcing people to answer a short quiz about political programs of the candidates and scoring at least a certain percentage of right answers in order to vote could at least ensure that they have been presented with the alternatives. Corruption is always present in human societies but it has to be contained. When an entire political system is corrupt the people has the responsability. I am italian and as you may know the political class in my country is one of the worst in the world, so i really feel this problem... Corruption anyway exists in any kind of government, probably it is even a bigger problem where there is less democracy since the state has more powers and so more things corrupt bourocrats can speculate on.