He flew through the air with the greatest of ease, except...

@Loverbear (4928)
United States
November 30, 2009 1:43pm CST
Ahh, it's Monday morning. I don't really like Mondays, and it wouldn't break my heart if they were outlawed. But this Monday started out sooo funny. It's nine a.m. and I was woken to the sound of thundering paws, I thought to myself for the ten thousandth time "How can cats walk so quietly and yet sound like a herd of rampaging elephants when they run?" I rose up to see what the cats were doing, just in time to see a white streak come sailing through the bedroom door and give a wonderfully graceful leap into the air, aimed at the cat perch in front of my window. The perch is about four feet tall and is about 24 inches wide so it's easy to land on, plus I have a rubber backed bath mat on top so they don't skid off when they jump on the perch...this morning the mat didn't matter. The white streak was sailing through the air, oh so gracefully with the muscles well defined under the sleek frame of Khuay. It was a pleasure to see my little athlete in action, until...OOPS, he was short of his mark by a foot. All signs of the grace in motion disappeared and all four legs stuck out as gravity kicked in and he hurtled back to the floor. Of course I was insensitive enough to laugh, and Khuay took instant offense and thundered out of the room at a full gallop. Suddenly the house resounded with the sound of thundering paws; again there was a white streak flying through the doorway to my bedroom...again the graceful athletic leap of a ballet dancer, muscles rippling under the white and red fur. Gravity was being defied again as the leap was aimed at the towering perch, and yet again the leap was short and gravity kicked in. Again the insensitive boob sitting in bed was laughing like an idiot. Khuay landed with a thud, and upon hearing my laughter marched out of the room, tail straight up in the air in an angry exclamation point, muttering dark things about his owner who was still in bed laughing at his antics.
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@matsulori (269)
• United States
3 Dec 09
Cats are wonderful. I have a tom named Cheddar who is HUGE and has the gameness and courage to deal with my three pitbull puppies who are a year old. It's never boring.
@minx267 (14943)
• Hartford, Connecticut
1 Dec 09
LOL.. too bad you didn't get that all caught on tape- Hilarious!
@scheng1 (24710)
• Singapore
1 Dec 09
That's so funny! Fortunately the pilots of commercial airlines do not land the plane in this way, otherwise nobody has the mood to laugh. Just too bad you dont have time to tape this remarkable bad performane!
@ElicBxn (61063)
• United States
30 Nov 09
That reminds me of Sab. She was beautiful. Black and a powerfully built gal, her mom was Siamese, her dad was a traveling salesman. And smart, well, most of the time smart. But when the adrenaline was up, the brain wattage went down. The cats didn't thunder, because we were on a slab, but she was running around the house and jumped for the faux window we had put in the bedroom (perfect for a day sleeper - no windows). Needless to say, there was no sill under the curtain and she slid down the wall quite inelegantly... Twice....
@kaylachan (4775)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
30 Nov 09
Cats are suposed to be the apitmity of grace, but they lack true direction. I don't know how many times my own cats thought they could fly, and mis their marks. Cats will be cats. There is no stopping them. Cute lovable cats. At least they know how to land and while pissed at you your cat will get over it.
• United States
30 Nov 09
That's hilarious! I could totally picture it :) Thanks for the smile.