Grilled chicken

United States
November 30, 2009 5:03pm CST
I want grilled chicken so bad. Apparently it's better for you, as apposed to fried. And what's the deal with KFC? It's illegal or something to say "Kentucky fried chicken" now?
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• United States
30 Nov 09
grilled food has carcinogens in it which can cause cancer.
• United States
30 Nov 09
are you kidding me...
@TAZNEM (656)
• Philippines
25 Feb 10
hmmm illegal?? i didn't know about that. but many people forgot that KFC stands for kentucky friend chicken. they just call it KFC. i like grilled chicken too with sweet barbecue sauce hmm its so mouth watering
@kaylachan (4775)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
1 Dec 09
Grilled meat is generally recomended because you don't lose all the nuteraints in it that you would frying it. Also by not frying it you aren't introducing things in to it such as posible harmful oils. As for people saying "KFC" most people are just lazy by nature and like to cut corners especially when it comes to speaking the English language. Speaking it now is nothing like it was years ago. Its evolved since then.