Sean Patrick Flanery, are you in there?! (Boondock Saints)

By Link
United States
November 30, 2009 5:56pm CST
Okay, if you like Boondock Saints, or even SPF then you will know that many people have been talking about how SPF doesn't look like himself in the upcoming Boondock Saints 2 movie. Some are saying plastic surgery, others argue old age. Unfortunately it pretty much has to be plastic surgery unless gravity in SPF's world has been reversed and it tightens your skin instead of dragging it down. In BDS1 he had visible and normal age lines like around his eyes and forehead, totally normal, and sexy in my opinion. Ten years later his face is unnaturally smooth and ironed out looking. I thought they had tried to replace him in the movie with a look-alike! I mean, I can see a little bit of "roundness" in his cheeks as if maybe he put on like 10 pounds in the last ten years which is fine, and believable, but the rest of his face is not "him" and does not match up with what time does. I am a little less enthusiastic about seeing this movie. Plus they are adding a female type character, I don't know how she plays in, but I liked #1 because there was no sexy woman getting in the way of the brothers and their "work", it was just @$$ kicking and bad@$$ness. I think SPF is not good looking anymore=( I think without whatever he did to his face he would look great! I love older men, and the ruggedness of age comes with it and I think it is hot. But he just doesn't look like himself or what his natural self would look like. I don't know who convinced him to do it, but they should be sued.
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