I want to join Network Marketing also known as Multi Level Marketing or MLM....

December 1, 2009 1:26am CST
Dear all, I want to join any MLM but the condition;s are as follows:- 01. The Plan should be Online. 02. We can refer people Online. 03. Trusted Company. 04. Good Product. 05. Good Earning opportunity. 06. Plan running in INDIA and OUTside of INDIA. Please tell me about this type of MLM opportunity, If I like the plan I will join in your downline. DONT WORRY "NEHA"
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• Philippines
31 Dec 09
hi NEHA.. I'm Paul Albert Regaspi from Philippines. I belong to a very unique MLM Company. Alliance in Motion Global, Inc. Visit our site at www.allianceinmotion.com for reference. Our company is now extending its network globally. Our latest expansion was in Brunei & Hawaii. Soon, we are going to have a satellite in your country. If you are interested here's my email add paulalbert_regaspi@yahoo.com. Hope to hear something from you soon.
@jen028 (65)
• Philippines
31 Dec 09
Try to join ACME-People-search, I think that is legit. but I'm still not a member cause it needs to pay, I don't have enough money to join
@CJscott (4182)
• Canada
23 Dec 09
Well Heha, I would say to you. Learn about the industry first then choose. I have 5 of your 6, and I know a way to work around the 6th that could really pay off for you. The plan is both online and off. 99% over the internet and telephone. Trusted company. Great product. Excellent earning opportunity. But it is not IN India(yet). But, Lets not focus on my company. Instead it would be better to get you educated enough that you can choose a great company for yourself. And as such I would like to introduce you to Mentoring For Free, it is Free, it runs the world over. It teaches you how to build a MLM company from Nuts to Soup and in between. It was founded by my good friend, personal mentor and 30 year MLM Veteran Michael Dlouhy. It has been around for just over 5 years. Has helped thousands. Did I mention it is free. You read a 91 page ebook, you listen to a couple of audio trainings online, then you get a personal coaching call with someone who is building a business today, and making a lot of money doing it, to answer any questions you have left. If this appeals to you, please add me as a friend and pm, if that is too much work, you have already failed in MLM. Cheers.
• South Korea
1 Dec 09
I recommend you SFI. It is easy to do. My upline is from India. I have my direct downlines from India. Visit on my profile. I was paid once. You can check my payment proofs.
@dianmelydia (2271)
• Indonesia
1 Dec 09
I think you can try to searching about it on the internet. Actually i'm not living in India so i can't give you any suggestion. But if we are talking about MLM business scheme, i think mostly MLM has similar concept. There are also some international MLM which they offering international products. So you can easily finding which one out is the best one and meet your capacity. But don't thinking if other's success on MLM business can be applied on you too because everyone is unique on MLM business. Have a nice day and happy mylotting.
• Israel
1 Dec 09
There are so many of them out there... I don't know if you can choose just from what people are writing here. Also, when choosing an MLM business, you should choose your upline carefully. He can be a great salesman and successful because of that - but what about you? Does he have a training plan for you? A marketing plan that is easy to duplicate? I'm in several plans just like you ask, but to mention them here would take ages. I can talk to you via Skype or email (PM me for details).