Ideas to get pregnant quickly

@missytia (387)
December 1, 2009 4:02am CST
I know that this sounds simple, but the older we get, the less simple it is. Anyway, he's a bit of background history first..... I've been on the contraceptive pill for 9 years since I had my daughter. I have now been off the pill since the end of August and trying to fall pregnant since then. I suffer from sever psoriatic arthritis and was on heavy duty medications for many years. I have now been off the medications for almost 12 months now just to make sure that they're out of my system. As you can imagine, I'm in a great deal of pain due to not being on my arthritis medications, so, the sooner I fall pregnant, the sooner I can get back to managing my arthritis once the baby is born. I am already into my 4th cycle....and still, nothing. I'm tired of people telling me to "give it time" and "stop trying so hard", when I'm in pain every day. I'm taking pre pregnancy vitamins and I'm charting my cycles. I'm also thinking of getting som accupuncture done to help the process. What other ideas do you have that I may try to make me 'super fertile'?
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@ongtina (1232)
• Singapore
1 Dec 09
Actually, after taking contraceptive pills for a period of time, there will be 4 to 6 months lag before you can be prenant again after stopping pills. It takes time for the medicine to be out of your system. What you can do is stop thinking about getting pregnant. The more you think and want, the more stressed up your sub-conscious and body will be and so harder to be pregnant. Just eat healthy, stay happy, do what you two enjoy, simply just relax and of course have --- ( un-pressured, only when you two feel happy and feel like it ). I got pregnant only when/after I stopped thinking of wanting to be, ironic . This is life, you want, you don't get it. You don't want, it's there.