are we humans molded and made through the likeness & image of God?

@wiseper (787)
November 14, 2006 8:09pm CST
do u know how God looks like? is He just a spirit? like a ghost, maybe? is He a paranormal being? i heard somebody explained that it was something to do with mongoloids. dont u ever wondered why mongoloids all look the same?
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
20 Nov 06
This is my believe and and my path. I believe G-d is a universal Spirit has many forms and many faces. I believe G-d can change forms, faces, and genders any time he/she/it would love and want to. I believe that all of us were Made in G-d's image and all of us are a part of the divine spark...... I also believe G-d is so overwhelming that our minds could under understand a piece of dust, compared to the universal when trying to understand G-d. But I also believe LOVE is the ultimate way to connect with G-d.... Mongoloids? They do not all look the same, look closer... - DNatureofDTrain.