hotdog sandwich..

American Samoa
December 1, 2009 5:37am CST
will it make you fat if you eat at least one piece every day or 5 pieces a week? hmmm, another question, is it healthy to eat that kind of food?
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@salonga (27830)
• Philippines
5 Aug 11
hotdog - hotdog are junks
It will not make you fat if you eat a piece of hotdog each day or even if you make it 2 or even three per day. But this I assure you, you will surely get lots supply of the junks in the hotdog because hotdog is junk. It is nothing but poison on the stick. It is made of unwanted pig parts flavored with spices and additive and made beautiful by a coloring substance called sodium nitrate which also serves as preservative. And you know what continuous consumption of sodium nitrate will lead into cancer. That substance is a poison. So me, I don't eat hotdog not even one hotdog should I eat.