I may have be Short-Lived..Again...

December 1, 2009 7:41am CST
Hello Dear Lotters, Well, I am happy to tell you that I have actually able to use my computer again to do my-lot. thanks to my brother that time his time to fixed my computer and save a lot of files, i can't believe it he saved almost all the files. but today, i believe that my happy days maybe short-lived because this money scheming good for nothing GLOBE people started calling us, reminding again that we have another urgent bill to settle and it need to pay it on Thursday. Otherwise, if not then this stupid phone company will indefinitely cut our internet connection. I have search in some forums and some discussions here, they too hate this company because they always have fees despite of the so-called good offers. Also i noticed a lot of change here lately, i don't why i didn't noticed it before, but well, it might come back some day but i just wondered why. I guess i may have to say good bye again, but it might take a while before going back to mylot since i am so fed up with the Net cafes as they are limiting my mylotting here. . I also wanted to say, BAH HUmbug!
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@Nobody4me (165)
6 Dec 09
there's always a better life than just being inthe internet all the time. am sure youwere born at the time where internet didn't even exist, i know you got used to it being with out internet knowing yoou lost computer for a month