what does this mean?

December 1, 2009 8:09am CST
when a guy is comfortable with you, is there a big chance that he is also in love with you or he likes you or it just means friendship? i mean,he sometimes asks you out, he opens up to you his sentiments, and he shows his real self and attitude, as well as his weaknesses, and his worst side.. when a guy does this to a girl, what does it mean? friendship or love?
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• Philippines
3 Dec 09
A hard question, the answer would vary depending on how you look at it. If you ask me, it is normal for a guy to that, maybe he considers you as his best friend. Or maybe he likes you which would lead to a more romantic relationship if the feeling is mutual. And maybe you like him too but you are not so sure as to how he feels, that's why you're asking. The best way to know is to ask him. It's difficult but maybe it's worth to try.
@Godmother (476)
• Indonesia
2 Dec 09
This is a hard question, because it may be yes, it may be no. But it surely can lead to a romance if you drive him there. I've had these kind of experiences before too, and the outcome are different. When I'm not interested to lead him into romance but I find him a nice person, I always say : "If we stay friends, there are no breakups, no jealousy, and we can see each other as often as we can." Some accepted the idea, and we've been friends for years.
@syaryel (155)
• Malaysia
1 Dec 09
hai April, If a guy comfortable with you, there's a high probability that it can leads to a romantic feeling..lets be more realistic here, it may starts as a friend and gradually turns into love, so don't freak out or rush things up just because it didn't turn out to be the way you expected.. say,why don't you took control of the situation-if you are interested in him that is..
@mandy719 (49)
• China
1 Dec 09
In my opinion, I think it depends on your feeling to that guy, if you want to have a futher development with that guy then that means love.....so do not concerned too much about his meaning.....think about yourself....that's my suggestion...have a nice day~~~~~~~~~