What is yout typing speed on key board?

Speed - ghost
December 1, 2009 10:15am CST
Typing speed on my personal computer's key board is very fast. Typing speeds depends upon the key board position. Key board's height and how much is comfortable for any typist. When i type my own computer,type very fast but on another computer i can type much fast. I have a multimedia key board and my fingers are very set for typing for my computer. My typing speed is 100wps and yours ??????????????
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• Singapore
1 Dec 09
Is 100wps = 100 Words Per Second ??? Are you "the flash"? It seems impossible, but I suggest you to joint "The Guinness Book of Record"... In Typing speed. My speed is 3wps maybe... Nothing in compare with you...
• Romania
1 Dec 09
O my god you type 1 hundred words per second? That is inposibile you mean per minute then i believe you . I think i type very fast on computer , i chat with my friends and now I'm typing on mylot , i think i can type 80 words per minute maybe , but i understand what i type there :).