what brand of mobile phone do you used?y?

December 1, 2009 10:19am CST
what brand of mobile phone do you used? and why? nokia sony ericsson motorolla blackberry lg apple htc asus samsung my phone china phone alcatel etc... holla, for me nokia is the best brand of mobile that i used right now. because it is user friendly and the way they invent the style of their phone is perfect for every person.
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@benny128 (3621)
1 Dec 09
I have the I-phone and have had an I-phone for about 2 years. My mate has a mobile phone shop and I get to try all the new phones as they come out and to be honest nothing has come close to the I-Phone which is unusual for me as I always used to change my phone every year but as I say nothing has came close to the ease and usefulness of the I-Phone.
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@lorcan21 (16)
• Australia
1 Dec 09
im using nokia 6210 navigator. its really a cool phone especially when im driving because of the navigator functions. It is user friendly as well. its compact and handy. you can easily put themes and games so its really good unlike iphones that you need to have some sort of programs before you can actually put something on it.
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@rowdyrace (111)
• India
6 Dec 09
[b] well i am using the sony ericssons k75oi cause it is the unique phone with all the quality we want on the phone like camera and music player etc
@kaylachan (4775)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
2 Dec 09
Over the years I have had different phones. Almost all different brands.I have had my pros and cons. Currently I'm using a samsung that I hate, but I'm just waiting for some money to come in. I'm hoping I can get some soon so I can aford all of the things I need.
@rosekiss (30308)
• Eugene, Oregon
2 Dec 09
I have the LG enVTouch. It has 2 three inch screens, and a werty keyboard. I like boght, but when I text, I use the qwerty keyboard, as it is much easier and much more precise than the touch screen. I have used the touch screen to text, but I do like the werty keyboard better, as it seems easier to use. It has lots of other features like a 3.2mp camera, which does take good pictures, and takes good video as well. I haven't used all the features yet, and I might not use them all, but they are there should I choose to. All in all it is a nice phone, and I am glad I bought it. Take care, and happy mylotting.
• Spain
1 Dec 09
hi ishii13, i use sony ericsson, why? well i got it for free :P