Have you ever travelled to a rainforest?

United States
December 1, 2009 11:56am CST
I have never been to any Rainforest, but I thought it would be a wonderful place to visit. Before doing research on this topic I only knew of the rainforests located in South. Now I have read about many more and they all seem like interesting places to visit. For instance there are: Cathedral Grove - Located at Vancouver Island's MacMillan Provincial Park. The main attraction here are it's 800 ft. tall Douglas Fir Trees. Tarkine - Located in Australia's Tasmania. This is home to the Tasmanian Devil and the world's purest rain. Yakushima Island - Located in Japan. They say it rains about 35 days a month and has both subtropical and cold temperate zones. Monte Verde Cloud Forest - Located in Costa Rica. For those who would like to visit a traditional humid rain forest. Hawaiin Rain Forests - Located in Maui and Kauai. What can I say about it, its Hawaii so it must be nice. To me it seems that the rainforests would bring peace and energy to anyone who goes there. It is a good chance to enjoy nature in it's purest sense. Have any of you visited a rainforest? If so, please tell of your experience.
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@maximax8 (30127)
• United Kingdom
1 Dec 09
The first rain forest that I saw was the one in St Lucia in the Caribbean. Then in Australia I went to Cape Tribulation which is known as where the rain forest meets the sea. I walked in the rain forest and got a few mosquioto bites. Amazingly I went to the national park in Singapore. It was rain forest with monkeys. In Samoa I saw fruit bats in the rain forest. I love to see mother nature at her best.
• United States
2 Dec 09
Wow. You really are a world traveler. How do you find the time to visit all these places? From the different rain forests which you have been to, which one did you like the most? Are you planning on visiting any of the new ones that I have listed? O.k. enough with the questions. I appreciate all your comments.
@maximax8 (30127)
• United Kingdom
4 Dec 09
I will hopefully visit the cloud forests in Costa Rica one day. I intend to go to Vancouver so I might be able to see the trees there. Travel is one of my top hobbies so that is why I have visited so many different places. Biting mosquitoes can be awful in rain forests.
@Torunn (5499)
• Norway
20 Feb 10
I've been to two in Australia. I traveled a bit around with a friend, and we went to a rain forest where they've built a board walk high up in the forest. You walk up and end up nearly above the trees, it was great! Looking down at the trees or straight into their crowns was really neat, I'd love to go back or to some similar place.
• United States
22 Feb 10
Do you remember the names of the rain forests in Australia? I have always wanted to go to Australia ever since I was a child, but have never had the chance to go. I always thought of Australia in terms of sandy beaches and desserts with hoping kangaroos, but now rain forests, as well! It makes it all the more enticing for me to go now. Thanks for the info.