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@raisur (423)
December 1, 2009 12:22pm CST
is there any statistics available in myLot about myLot population? say, i wish to know what percentage of myLotters are male/female... what is the number of myLotters from say Philippines and what is the percentage of female from that country... I'm just curious... it appears to me, there are a handsome number of females from Philippines (more than men, i guess), and the number looks healthier than say UK or USA... it's all my guess... that's why I'm interested to find the statistics about myLot population... is there any available anywhere in myLot?
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@cream97 (29087)
• United States
29 Dec 09
Hi, raisur. I believe that Lamb has explained it much better for you. They have a listing of all of the states and countries of how many members are in each. This is as far as the population is concerned.
@raisur (423)
• Bangladesh
29 Dec 09
hi cream 97, thanks for your response... yeah, TLLDs response was really helpful for me to find the available statistics... thanks again and happy myLotting...