How is the economy affecting your job

United States
December 1, 2009 8:47pm CST
I think it was about last October when the economy bottomed out i had to take a five percent pay cut, my company is not matching my 401k as of now, and know raises. thats what happend to me because of the stupid economy we also laid of about 50 people right now though we are starting to pick up again just would like to know how the economy is affecting everyone else at work thanks
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• Thailand
2 Dec 09
Well it certainly is effecting my bonus though, I usually get 40k baht as a bonus but this year it has halved which sucks bad. I wish things would get better soon so we all can earn more money.
• China
2 Dec 09
The economy affects my job to some degree. In fact, i'm not affected by the depression last year. The economy affects my job, i mean, the economy is not developed in my city, so we can't get a satisfied salary...
• India
2 Dec 09
Hi, my job is related to medicine research. Fortunately this field is least affected by economy. But still we got our increments by three month late. Thanks
• United States
2 Dec 09
It's effecting my ability to find a job. I am having a really hard time because I have to find a job nearby because I have no transportation and where I live we have been having a lot of violent problems with public transportation. I need a job for several reasons: 1. so I can buy transportation and insurance 2. so I can go to college 3. so my bank doesn't take all my money- they will start charging me $9 a month if I don't have direct deposit set up in the next 2 months. 4. So I can afford to take care of my health problems I am taking a hard hit.
• Philippines
2 Dec 09
The economic crisis affected the world, including the rich countries like the United States. Many people are losing jobs, some companies are closing, the prices of commodities are increasing, and a lot of problems that we are now facing. The present economy has affected us that the benefits we used to enjoy are now cut. We used to enjoy free food and snacks. Now, we need to buy our own. We used to enjoy free clothing allowance, but now we need to have our own. Although we will have our Christmas holiday bonus, yet it will not be much.