How to say it in English?

December 2, 2009 1:03am CST
Hi, pals here. I have a question about an idiomatic english expression. I know when something, eg. a pic, is hanging top at the bottom position, it is called "upside down". But if the pic hangs left and right in a reverse condition. How to call that? Please help me out the trouble. Thanks a lot.
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@veejay19 (3590)
• India
2 Dec 09
Sideways i suppose but i can`t figure out or imagine how anything can hang sideways,can you? When you hang a picture at the top it is out of gravity that it hangs but if you try to hang a picture with the nail at the bottom of the picture frame then it will simply fall down since gravity does not work from down to up.An example is you walk on the ground upright but see if you can walk on the ceiling?Can you? No you can`t unless you are Spiderman or some superhero.
• China
2 Dec 09
yr comments are really fun, which brings me much joy. for more information about the left and right opposite, kindly check my answer to the pal above u. Thanks again.
@themdno (402)
• United States
2 Dec 09
Yeah, it would be sideways. But, the thing is, when a picture is up, it's right-side up, when it's down, it's upside down. But, when it's sideways, it's just sideways. There's no way to say it's top is facing the left, or the right. It's just sideways.
@cream97 (29154)
• United States
2 Dec 09
I would say LingoWang, that this picture would be hanging straight across???
• Australia
2 Dec 09
Hi LingoWang. It is impossible to hang a picture sideways. Try it. It would be upside-down or back to front. You cannot hang it sideways. If your avatar was a picture and you tried to hang it sideways, it would be upside-down, with the stars on the bottom right. If you are talking about changing a picture on the computer, it would be horizontally reversed. As in your avatar, if it was horizontally reversed, the stars would be on the top right.