What is your Opinion on Marriage Relationship?

December 2, 2009 4:37am CST
Hello Friends,As we all are Reaching near to our Next Level of Getting Attach in Marriage Relationship with an unknown person.What are your Pre-Opinions on "Marriage Relationship"? Are You Ready For That?Do You Love or Have any Experience about Marriage Relationship?Why More number of People Gets Changed After Marriage?Is Ther Any Logical Reasons Behind That? Yes These all things we have to Find Out Before Getting in Any New Relationship with an unknown person.So Please Give me your Opinions on Marriage Relationship?
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• China
2 Dec 09
My dear friend, maybe i have the same worry with you. I'm not sure what is marriage relationship. I always have beautiful expects for it. But during these days, my collegue always complain her marriage! She was not satisfied with her husband, who doesn't do as he does! She complains that she is too tired because of her little baby, she even can't sleep well, while her husband never take good care of their baby and just play computer games and sleep. And i'm very afraid of hearing this. I'm afraid whether marriage is the tomb of love. But in one word, on the one hand, i think marriage depends on the personality of the couple, on the other hand, it depends on their manage~! I'm sorry that my English is very poor.