Eve Online - A Brave New Space

United States
December 2, 2009 2:41pm CST
For about four months I've been playing a massive multi-player role playing game called Eve Online. This game is based around flying spaceships to perform multiple tasks like mining, trading, pirating, policing, etc. It's an amazingly addictive game that tests your skills at math, money managing, market trading, and strategy. It's the ultimate in "games of life". As I speak now, I'm downloading the game on my new laptop computer so I can play and get more money for my character to get better equipment for my ships. With that being said, how many on here have enjoyed Eve Online? What are some experiences that you've had? How many times have you been 'ganked' by PVP pirates? So much to say, yet so little time to type since we all play the game!
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