Are yo ready to face death?

December 2, 2009 4:07pm CST
In this world of turmoil and challenges, we experience unexpected things.Each one strives to live a happy life and struggle for the best.As I observe on the things happening in the world now especially on the news, death is always there.Death doesn't choose age.Those who faced death were both young and old. I was shocked of the tragedy happened once few kilometers from our city, many families were buried alive because of landslide.We are still unfortunate indeed that we were not one among those.I don't want to face death yet because I still have many things to accomplish in this life while I'm on earth.Nevertheless, I'm preparing for it.Somehow, i was awaken for the realization that life is short, time is gold, so we should spend our life to the fullest, enjoy life and think of the things that matter most.How about you, are you ready to face death?I appreciate so much your responses.
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