Would you ever rent a hotel, just for fun?

@maezee (38155)
United States
December 2, 2009 8:38pm CST
I was considering doing this a few days back when I had some extra money, was sick of being unable to sleep in my own house, and wanted to get away for a day. I was thinking of driving 5 miles to the nearest hotel, just to book a room, and hang out and do homework and have time and space to think. This has to be one of my most bizarre ideas, hence I'm going to run it by you guys on MyLot. Have you ever thought about doing this? Renting a hotel in your home town - just for fun, pretty much? Have you ever acted on it?
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• United States
5 Dec 09
I definitely wouldn't mind doing that and just getting away from everything and everyone for just one night. It's just the financial situation that would be my only concern. Other than that, definitely =D I don't think it's that bizarre in general ^-^ I have to say that I've never thought about renting a hotel but I have thought about getting away from everything for a little while, whether it was just in my head, or actually go somewhere physically, but I was never too specific about it.
@maximax8 (29129)
• United Kingdom
4 Dec 09
Before I moved to my current area I staying in a guest house. It was like being on holiday. Now I live here I don't choose to go and stay in any of the local guest houses. I think it would be lovely to spend a weekend staying in Glastonbury. That is a journey that I can do for a day but staying there a few days would be even more enjoyable. If you have difficulty sleeping in your own house it would be a good idea to spend a couple of nights at your local hotel.
@shibham (17019)
• India
3 Dec 09
honestly. i did once in my life for a private reason.sshhhhhhhh......... hehehe....