What is happy family?

December 3, 2009 1:54am CST
What is the meaning of having a happy family. Is it about the money? Is it about the love? Or is it about having some children? What is your opinion regarding this issue?
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@advokatku (4036)
• Indonesia
3 Dec 09
Being happy as a family is deeper than just having fun together or feeling of euphoria when receiving a gift. Being a happy family has deep meaning and purpose in life. in a family said happy is each member of family can always rise from adversity together. Can perform routine and ritual together can be a feature of beginning of a happy family. For example, set the time to read a book together or play together. Anything that can bring the family and the child can be happier routine. That way, wherever, whenever you are, can feel more comfortable with when faced with change.So, concise understanding of a happy family does not always mean talking about love or having children. Meaning short of a happy family is a unity between each member's of family
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• Malaysia
3 Dec 09
Thank you advokatku, We have to be there for our family. Every family is a guardian to each other. I hope with this everyone will get a happy family.
• Philippines
3 Dec 09
For me, a family is happy when every member could love and understand each other and live harmoniously with one another. Every family has its problems and issues. But what's important is that they could resolve the issues peacefully. With this, a family could be generally happy most of the time.
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• Malaysia
3 Dec 09
Love is the secret ingredient for a happy life. I hope every people earn to love in its purest form.
@agaur7 (87)
• India
8 Dec 09
no, money is not reasion of happy family. more love, faith, sacrifise between family member making a family happy.
@maximax8 (29129)
• United Kingdom
5 Dec 09
I think a happy family is about the love and the enjoying life. Families come in all different sizes. A family could be a single mother and a son, two parents and three girls, a dad and twin boys or a grandmother and a girl. As long as there is enough money to keep a rood over their heads and food plus drink there is a possibility for happiness. A lot of money doesn't make a family happy. Having children can make a couple very happy. I have a teenage son, a toddler son and a baby daughter. My family is happy. I am divorced and at the time of that happening there was sadness. Nowadays we are a happy family of four.