Speed reading, can it be done?

December 3, 2009 2:02am CST
I love to read books. Adventure, romance and science fistion are among my favorite books. Recently with my work and stuff that I have to do at home, I don't have the tie to read all the books that I wanted. It make me unsatisfy. I hope I can gain knowledge by reading, but now I just can't. I heard this special thing. It is about speed reading. I don't exactly how can it be done. Do you have anything to share about this kind of reading? Please comment about it here.
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• Philippines
3 Dec 09
i think speed reading means that you can read 4-7 words in a glance. i can do it, but as book lovers we know that we should be reading in full comprehension and concentration, so i don't do it. instead, i read word for word that's why i can finish a thick book for 2-3 days. that way, i can tell the story in detail. but when i try speed reading, i had to go over the pages i've read again and again, and i also don't enjoy it coz i couldn't get the gist of the plot. :)