Girls in academics

December 3, 2009 2:06am CST
Why does always girls perfrom well in academics? This observation is not recent. Since I was teenger this was my hobby to study academics result. Always girls are topper. What do suggest? Is is true or false?
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@Sir_bobby88 (8241)
• Singapore
4 Dec 09
Yes i believe that a fact because girls get mature faster then boys and as they mature they know what they want and work hard for it , whereas boys are always thinking where to play after school yea .
@JohnJeff (722)
• Malaysia
3 Dec 09
This phenomenas also occured in my country.Girls seems to be like academic compared to boys.I think maybe boys towards to get skill like mechanic,sports,foreman etc.No wonder in the future most lecturers amd professors are women.
• New Zealand
3 Dec 09
I don't think so, if you look at those who have made breakthroughs in knowledge throughout the ages, the majority of those people have been male... Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, Plato, Einstein - all male. There have certainly been a few females such as Marie Curie, but they are vastly outnumbered by males. Also, men have slightly larger brains than women ;D.
@bluray (408)
• Singapore
3 Dec 09
I think girls are more sincere than boys and devote lot of their time in studies. boys are the one who try to balance between outdoor activities and the studies. But later in life when the boys became serious for their studies they fairly do well. It is just that girls put more effort in studies than the boys.
• Philippines
3 Dec 09
i have also observed this before. i'm a girl and graduated valedictorian over a male competitor. but when i reached high school, i lost to a male. he became the valedictorian of our batch and also biologist of the year in the nationals. i did great job in high school but he did best. so i guess it's not true that girls are always the top notchers. it's just that generally (and typically) girls are more studious than boys. but when boys become studious, then they get the top 1 spot. :)