Can depression drives people crazy?

December 3, 2009 2:54am CST
Today, people are so busy with their job. Only a few hours are spent in their own home and just a little time to play outdoor. This phenomenon ahve lead many people to deression. They are so tension with their life, angry at all people around them without a reason. They think that they are doing fine, but actually they are oonly endagering themselves. What do you think will happen to this people in a long run? Can they be crazy? How long will it be?
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@kaylachan (4998)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
3 Dec 09
Yes, depression can and has driven people crazy. How long it takes depends on the person and cirtain factors srounding those factors. enveronment, lack of family support well any support for that matter, level of stress, and whatever caused it in the first place. If a person is lacking in the self - confidence department it is highly possible to drive them crazy even faster.
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• Malaysia
3 Dec 09
Very true. I hope every family take care of their family members to avoid them being depress.
@besthope44 (12135)
• India
6 Oct 10
Most time, its my work..with ontime deliveries and work loads. I try to divert mind on music and i feel better.
@agv0419 (3027)
• Philippines
11 Dec 09
Yes I agree that depression can drives the person to be crazy. It is hard to be positive when you are depressed you need a person who can understand you and support you to overcome your depression.
• Philippines
4 Dec 09
People who are stressed out needs to manage their stress to be able to function normally. They have to try their best to relax and find time for unwinding. Being depressed affects the mental capability and personality of an individual. Most cases turn into psychosis a quite serious type of insanity. So while still early, persons who are depressed should recognize the cause of their depression and try to manage stress.