naruto manga episode 474 - about danzo

American Samoa
December 3, 2009 8:42am CST
what's with danzo's right arm?! it looks like trouble to me haha!
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• Philippines
3 Dec 09
Looks like he kept his arm for so long, I have no idea what it is. After all the rumors that Madara is also Danzo, now I believe that they were different person. I don't know why Danzo has sharinggan and planning to obtain byakugan for his sake. All I know is, a great ninja war is coming between Madara and all ninjas. I was so excited to see the next episode. Stay tune!
• American Samoa
4 Dec 09
or~ it was just a show. maybe youre right, that danzo and madara is one. hmmmm it's really confusing right now haha! Kishi might have been laughing at us XD i can't wait the next episode!!
• Philippines
29 Dec 09
Danzo and Uchiha madara are not the same person. Uchiha madara is living within centuries waiting for the right time to conquer the ninja world. He is the one behind akatsuki and killing of kyuubi's. In order to obtain the highest and powerful sharingan he needs to extract all the kyuubi. Danzo is just one of the frustrated shinobi of the hidden leaf that wants to reign konoha and became hokage. He is also one of the person who order uchiha itachi to kill the uchiha clan. That's also one big question. How does Danzo obtain the sharingan on his right eye and lots of sharingan in his right arm. Do he took them on those who itachi killed and implanted it to him? or does uchiha madara also behind this?...
• Philippines
29 Dec 09
Take a look at the time when Danzo was fighting sasuke. I think Madara is controlling Danzo. By the way, Why does Madara need to cover his left eye and Danzo was covering his right eye. There's something strange in the new manga episode.