what do you think about "silent person"......

@peercc (332)
December 3, 2009 11:40am CST
silent is a slow poison...........
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• Malaysia
3 Dec 09
Hi peercc, thank you for coming with this unique topic. based on my experienced, silence is such a great killer to everybody. As a normal person we need to express our feelings. If we keep silent and keep everything inside we will be in such deadlock and one day we will burst absolutely. i still remember about a friend of mine whom I knew since we were 13. last 2 years i got so shocked when I knew that she admitted to hospital due to the depression problem. She looked to be more than healthy in those time but actually she did hide her feelings and problems. that what it went. she had to pay such high price for her silent
@peercc (332)
• India
3 Dec 09
thanks for sharing your experience
@airakumar (1555)
• India
29 Jun 10
I think silent person are very dangerous cause we cannot understand what would be the next step of them. But if one is very professional then after meetings and outside of the meeting location, you should try to talk with individuals who did not easily participate in the meeting to understand why they did not choose to participate. Perhaps they are not really interested in being on the team or they do not see how they add value to the meetings. Or their low participation could be because they are not interested in a particular meeting topic or they do not see how it directly affects them. Explain why they bring value to the team and what is in it for them.
@len1415 (195)
• Philippines
9 Sep 10
deep; unpredictable; mysterious...
@missweety (628)
• Latvia
3 Dec 09
Hello! I agree with you in a way. For example if a couple had a row, then if they don't talk over their problems but just keep silent all the time...and if none from them steps their first step then their relations just easily can broke...But on another side, if a girl keeps silent for a longer time then maybe she will get at the end what she wanted, but if the guy is the same like she is then there could be a problem... I think if you keep on not talking then this will be a poison...