What are you doing to protect your family from Obama's policies?

United States
December 3, 2009 11:51am CST
Obama and his policies are wrecking havoc on our nation and our families. Unemployment is approaching 11% by year end (18% if you include the underemployed), Congress is spending money like it grows on trees, Obama is apologizing to the world that the United States has been a bad country, and the administration is working on bankrupting the country with government run health care and Cap and Trade. Hyper-inflation is right around the corner. The cost to buy food and gasoline will rise tremendously. And hey you Baby Boomers....do you remember what home mortgage rates were during the Carter years? I for one had a 30 year fixed mortgage at 17%! Sorry you 20-30 year olds....get ready for high interest rates when you go to buy your first home! It may take a year or 2 or 5 for this to happen, but it will happen. What are you doing to protect your family?I for one and downsizing my home in order to greatly reduce my mortgage, I got out of the stock market and put my money into bonds (I afraid that Obama will outlaw gold like during the depression) and I'm working on wiping out my credit card bills.
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