Which vampire made Elena be in accident in the 10th episode ?

December 3, 2009 9:21pm CST
The vampire Diaries has stoped updated till the 10th episode for the coming christmas.What's worst is that it will not update untill Jan 14th next year.It is so long for me.In the end of the latest episode,Elena happens a car accident.who make this?Will Elena be a vampire?The desire is making crazy.Do you have any more information?
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@greysfreak (1385)
• United States
4 Dec 09
I know what you mean, I can't wait till the next episode comes on. I didn't know when it was starting up again, January 14th is also when my other Thursday night shows continue again, so while it's certainly a long time, I am just looking ahead to that night to get my fix. I recorded all the episodes of Vampire Diaries so far, and I didn't see that last episode till the next day because I was at the movies that night. But wow, when I saw the ending, the first thing I thought was--she is gonna be a vampire, I bet you. It really is the only thing that makes sense, because for the show to continue, one of the main characters can't die (completely). Anyway, I am thinking that the vampire who gets to her (if this is the case), is gonna be the vampire that killed that other vampire, I need to watch it again, because I was a bit confused about part of it--although I suspected the new teacher at school was a vampire, and I know that him and the news reporter turned vampire had a confrontation--one of those killed the other, that is the detail I am lost on, who it was who killed who, I think it was the teacher though who killed the other vampire. I strongly doubt that it's Stefan or Damon who come after Elena, the only way would be maybe if Stefan came across Elena and she was dying from the wreck, then I think maybe he might turn her into a vampire to save her, but my bet is on a third vampire. I obviously don't know if she becomes a vampire, because I haven't read the book series, but I do think she eventually will become one--it's kinda inevitable. Anyway, I am definitely excited to see what happens. I would be very shocked if Damon did anything to Elena, just because Stefan already came close to killing him for the other trouble he has caused.
@pupupd (1516)
• India
1 May 11
The Vampire is killed as well.. I do not recall his name. But he was a cute one... How come TVD has all sexy looking vampire cast. They surely know how to recruit people for the role of Vampire..!! I love the entire TVD cast, they all look awesome..
@babyanna (1217)
• China
27 Jul 10
Hi,Earthbuilding! I'm sure you have known the answer by now,haven't you?Elena is okay.She is saved by Damon.And the guy who caused this accident is one of Anna's friends. Anyway,have a nice day!