December 4, 2009 2:05am CST
I working in private company. I am emotional.If something happen wrong or in negative way, I become miserable. I cannot cotrol tears. Besides that I am most active person in my department. I can handle and tackel very difficult situation and tasks . But whenever it time of rating and promotion I stand no where. Other collegue in my department they are senior to me. But their knowlegde and pace of working is not competeble to me. But still there are ahead of me And earning great than me. Whenever I raise question My boss tells me that I am emotionally Immature. That is not professional behavior.I want to ask being emotional I work with perfection, why I am explianed for wrong reasons and still those thing dont hamper my working efficiency.
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@Hatley (164092)
• Garden Grove, California
20 Jan 10
pinku81112 yes being overemotional in the workplace just does not cut it. You will need to learn to control your emotions. You cannot get ahead until you quit with the tears. control, self control, perhaps you should seek a mental health expert to get some help. If you work with perfection then grow up, bawling is babyish and will not get you ahead. You must , you have to learn self control.If you were working in a public place you would soon lose your job, work is no place to be overly emotional. If you were wo rking as an actress that would be entirely different but in a private company no no no. You must keep your own self out of it and put yourself into your work. perfection does not come from being overemotional. not at all.