to whom do you say i love you?

December 4, 2009 4:08am CST
How often do you say " I love you " to your partner? i just want to know, if you do? do you really mean it. If you fall out of love to you your partner do you still say the word i love you even if you knew that you dont.
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• Philippines
4 Dec 09
Hi. I say "I love you" to my husband when I wake up every morning. I do say I love him even if we had some misunderstanding/s the night or day before. And I mean that. I believe that it's just normal for a couple to have some misunderstandings and that does not mean you have already fallen out of love.
• Philippines
4 Dec 09
thnks for that opinion. Its a good thing to spread love love love to everyone.
• India
5 Dec 09
i say it to my luv...and i mean comes automatically...would knw that she want to hear it frm me...but mostly when i need her the most!
@dodo19 (42882)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
4 Dec 09
I tell my husband that I love him everyday, as often as I can. I will tell him, when we wake up, many times during the day, and before we go to bed. I really like telling him. And I guess it's to ensure that, if anything were to happen to me, we both know that I really love him.