When to say enough for a travel spending without killing the fun?

@DenverLC (1146)
December 4, 2009 7:28am CST
For me when i decide to go for a travel, i see to it that i will have with me enough budget. But sometimes we exceed on our limit of expenses because we can not afford to sacrifice the fun of shopping and collecting items that would capture our attention in a certain place.How sad it is to say enough but you are not satisfied yet.
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• India
4 Dec 09
Whenever i travel i don't say enough at all. I always plan my travel in such a way that i take money sufficiently for shopping and other expenses and i don't restrict myself while travelling. Travelling is always fun to me and when you restrict yourself you loose your fun which i don't like!!!
@maximax8 (31171)
• United Kingdom
4 Dec 09
Before going on a trip I save some money. I read a travel guide book about my destination. I typically buy a flight, arrive in my gateway destination and then find my accommodation. I stay in at least five different places like at the beach, at the countryside and in a city. My favorite souvenir is costume dolls and I like to buy a t-shirt for my mom plus some fridge magnets for my sister. Some souvenirs can be pricey so it is best to stick to a budget.
@LaurenInLA (2271)
• United States
4 Dec 09
Before I travel, I always do extensive research on the place that I'm visiting. There are always free or inexpensive things to do any place that you go. DH and I love to walk on the beach, hike etc so we can stretch an admission fee into a whole day of entertainment. I research the more expensive sights to make sure that it's worth spending my money before I go. We save money on restaurants by eating our main meal in the early afternoon. Lunch prices are usually significantly cheaper than dinner prices. For our evening meal, we eat light, sometimes just a salad. When we want a coctail, we always go to happy hour and preferably to a place that either serves free bar snacks or cuts the prices of appetizers during happy hour (that becomes our dinner). Many museums etc have days when admission is free. We always try to plan our trips around those times. i understand your dilemna. No matter what budget you set, it's tough to stay within it.