How do you feel after solving out the problems of other?

December 4, 2009 8:08am CST
As we all have a busy lives, but we stopped and help others a littele more often.If i tell you about myself, I have helped lots of person.But I achieved a heart-felt happiness when i helped my girlfriend (i was not her boyfriend but a best friend)when she was in real trouble.One thing i would like to say you all guy that when you help others you have the opportunity to learn new things,and you also have chance to see just how blessed you rae for everything in your life. So do it and let me know about your feelings...
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@Ford666UK (102)
4 Dec 09
I always feel pretty good when I help others, it's nice to know that you've done good. When you do something for someone you love or care about its even better because you know they'd do the same for you.
• India
5 Dec 09
thanks.Its very nice of you that you help others.Keep this sprit to have a world as a family..
@taurisca (104)
• Indonesia
22 Dec 09
Hi Angel_alish, Of course I would be happy to help others. When I know My help is very useful for them, I feel very excited. But I have to choose which people who need help and which not. Because the assistance we provide can very helpful but some are only made one so weak and continue to depend, although sometimes very painful but for the good I have to restrain my self for not helping.
@etongong (164)
• Philippines
8 Dec 09
There are lots of people or problems that needed our help, but most of the time, we just take them for granted. But there are times, that we are given the opportunity to notice them, just then we realized, whats the feeling of being able to help others like. Now, just be alert on when and where you attention is needed to help others in need. Trust me, its a great feeling to help others but please also don't forget to help yourself too :).
@MJ_Dakota (126)
• United States
5 Dec 09
Whether it is a person, animal or even a plant, I feel good when I am able to ease their stress. I may not be able to solve what is troubling them, but giving them water, warmth or an ear to listen is sometimes all that is needed in that moment. It creates a happy feeling when I help others and I actually feel honored that I am able to do for others. Helping others is also a great way of learning things for yourself. You never know what will come into your life and what you did for someone else, may be just what you need to do for yourself.