What game do you think is the best all time and why!

December 4, 2009 12:49pm CST
I always considered Starcraft the best game ever because: RTS - my fav! Balanced Big difference between races Easy to pick up Great graphics for its time Best In-game videos ever! Lots of people online Zerg FTW!!! What do you guys like the best?
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• United States
22 Dec 09
I heard rave things about Starcraft, but I never had chance to try it out. My favorite games of all time would have to be: RTS: Command & Conquer Generals & Warcraft FPS: Counter-strike (still play it today on occasion) & Unreal Tournament RPG: Star Ocean the Second Story(PS1) MMORPG: Ashreon's Call 2, Rappelz & Atlantica
• United States
19 Jan 11
It's embarrassing to admit, but I'm not sure what RTS stands for. Would it be real-time strategy? I'm not that familiar with that genre of gaming, preferring mostly RPG and a few FPS games. Still, based on all the great Starcraft quotes I've seen posted and heard from friends, I may have to give it a try.
@Bionicman (3964)
• Czech Republic
4 Dec 09
Deus Ex for single player. Quake 3 for multiplayer. And Starcraft is the best RTS ever.
• Canada
4 Dec 09
amen, brother!!!!
@epikna4o (49)
• Latvia
4 Dec 09
I think World of Warcraft is the best in the world because tons of people play that game and that game is very adictive to.
• Canada
4 Dec 09
I'm not that into RPG's, to much grinding though I do play a little Perfect World now and then - WoW is to colorful and childish looking to me. :P
@jasonlim (38)
• Singapore
24 Jun 13
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@Theo88 (40)
• Italy
17 Feb 10
Starcraft: the best play ever. I donno how you can say that it's easy to pick up... maybe in the story mode but if you want to be competitive in the on-line mode you have to perform more than 350 actions in a minute...It could be very hard, only great players can do this.I'm noob but i can own lot of people noobers than me but my position won't change(i can perform only 150 actions)... i will noob 4ever my friend and i donno if you can do better than 350 action in one minute... Protoss is my favourite race because there is lot of different strategyes to own other players..I usually do a lot of Zea and i rush with them very quikly! Play pLAy and play again is the way to be a pro remember. So GG XD
• Indonesia
7 Dec 09
in my opinion I always playing Pro Evolution Soccer series. why? because it spending all my time. and I can play it versus my friend. I never boored with this game. but I can play the newest PES 2010. my hardware not support it.
@Ford666UK (102)
4 Dec 09
I used to love Test Drive Unlimited for the fact that you could drive around the whole island and meet other people to cruise around with. My future brother-in-law loves World of Warcraft and spends hours every day on it with other family members.