New album is coming.. what you think about the new musics?

December 4, 2009 4:50pm CST
Have you listen the new musics? Thom are doin' a lot of solo musics like Hearing Damage and Lotus Flower.. But Radiohead is doin' new musics too, like Harry Patch and These are my twisted words. Ed o'Brien says that they'll release their next album in 2010 (they are doin' he since this winter). And you guys, what you are thinking about the news musics they did? And, do you have any ideia of what will be the album-like?
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8 Mar 11
King of Limbs is AMAZING, more proof, not that any was needed, that Radiohead are still one of the greatest bands of our generation!
@eko1st (6)
• Indonesia
28 Jan 11
can't wait for the new album let them surprise us, as they usually do :D
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@reploid (1371)
• France
1 Mar 11
I think the album will be as perfect as any other radiohead album. I have not listened to the album yet, but I have read reviews where they said the album sounds a bit like kid a, well, I'm not sure if it's really like this because it was only a review, someone Else's point of view.
@reploid (1371)
• France
28 Mar 11
I got the album yesterday. It's a great one, indeed. I think it's the best of all.
• Brazil
2 Aug 10
i'm sure that it's gonna be amazing just like another work from Thom Yorke.
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• United States
9 Nov 11
The new album is amazing! But that's to be expected with any Radiohead album :P I love Lotus Flower!