Theory: kushina uzumaki (naruto's mom) might be alive

United States
December 4, 2009 5:49pm CST
at no point in the manga or anime dose is state that kushina uzumaki died or even imply it beyond the fact that naruto grew up alone. if you disagree with me explain why. if you agree try to come up with theorys about were she is and why. the fact that gaara's mom died when the ichibi was sealed in gaara isn't a reason to think kushina died because the kyuubi was sealed in naruto after he was allready born and his umbilical cord was cut and naruto was not even near her at the time of sealing. jincuuriki means "power of human sacrifice" but naruto's case was different instead of his mother his father minato namikaze ( the 4th hokage)was the required sacrifice to seal the kyuubi. so what happend to his mom?
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