This UPA government in India is a complete sham...

November 14, 2006 9:28pm CST
This UPA govt is complete SHAM This UPA government is a complete sham . They are probably worse than emergency period of congress. Infact its very existence is a danger to the integrity of the country. The biggots Like Lalu prasad, and his group of comedians and the circus of Ramvilas paswan, Master of historical blunders The left front etc and to top it all the Author of partition the Congress makes what can be atleast called the perfect axis of evils looming over our country. The best part of history is that History repeats itself and we never learn from history if we did things would not have been better. Lets analyse some characters of this nest of scum namely Sonia Gandhi lalu prasad Yadav sharad pawar Buddhadev Bhattacharya Sitaram Yechury Ramvilas paswan. I would love to hear from my friends i will keep posting my views on these devils as my time permits.
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• India
13 Dec 06
You must be a devil for talking like this on here.People of your mentalities are the actual devils of this country. You have no rights to talk like this condenming Indian leaders on global plat forms.Whatever may be the dirty poison in your BJP biased mind,Dont let it out in public.That too you dont know the facts.Do you have respect for this country called INDIA.If you had it you would not have yaped like this.Emergency period was the best time for the common man.But it was a hell for corrupt people. Were you working in govt and lost job that time? Today India needs strict law enforcements. Open your eyes and see how much the country is improving now.Dont comment on Mr.Laluprasad, he has improved railway like nobody else.Learn to appreciate our leaders when they do good things.Just because you dont like them dont yap whatever you feel like. Sonya may be born in Italy but she has more respect for this country than all of you.Dont make foolish statement in public.