What do you think why the movie2012 choose China to save the world?

December 5, 2009 7:20am CST
Recently, many people have seen 2012. Some of them said that in this movie China save the world beacuse of the geographic position. Others said that China has power to save the world······ What do you think about it?
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• Philippines
5 Dec 09
Well, I think they based it on the famous "Great Wall of China", where it was made by a huge number of Chinese. And because China has the largest population and workes they can make something faster. I think?
• Indonesia
5 Dec 09
and perhaps cheaper too :)
• China
5 Dec 09
China do have the large population. and she has got the rapid development. but she is not rich on the average. but the product is great qulity in the cheaper price. so the Chinese is very great for the world. but i think only one China, can not save the whole world.
• China
7 Dec 09
yes, it maybe some of the reasons. What is China like in your mind? Have you been to China?
@Zaharul94 (100)
• Malaysia
26 Dec 09
It's just a film. Don't take it seriously. The world will not end in 2012. But something will happen on 21/12/2012 ...