Are You Feeling the Christmas Season?

@mchavez11 (1406)
December 5, 2009 11:03am CST
Nowadays, life became more complicated and complex. Somehow the simplicity decreased because of the new technology that captured our senses. Like for instance, computers and other gadgets that made us somehow a bit anti-social in a physically perspective point of view. Not only that, calamities like typhoon, earthquake, global warming contributed as well. Plus, hatred and war amongst us made us more tense and paranoid than ever. Now, our favorite season is coming again. How do you see and accept it? Can you feel the Christmas season already? Or are you included in the bracket that Christmas is just for children? As for me, I still feel it. Although not in a festive manner like when I was a kid. I see it more of a thanking Him that He gave his only son to wash away our sins. Also, I find myself celebrating this season somehow everyday by honouring Jesus as my God and saviour. With these qualities and emotions, I feel the season's spirit at a deeper level. It is absolutely comforting so to speak. Merry christmas to you all.
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@hmkoct5 (2065)
• United States
8 Dec 09
I love Christmas! I think the glow and warmth that our Christmas tree provides in this house is a wonderful feeling. I love the idea of giving and receiving gifts. It is a way to show everyone you care for them. Of course, it is also a time of spiritual renewal. I love hearing Christmas music, watching holiday shows, and seeing all the people shopping. The whole thing makes me happy! Merry Christmas to you!
@nautilus33 (1827)
5 Dec 09
Yes, I feel it. It is very near and I am already ready for it. I have bought and made all of the decorations, I have bought some of the gifts for my family, I have made a list with the Christmas meals. Now the only thing I must to do is waiting for Christmas to come.
• Canada
5 Dec 09
I am feeling the Chrstmas STRESS, that's what I'm feeling. It seems that if there is going to be an issue to come up in my family, it'll pop up around the christmas season. Due to rather bizarre circumstances, rather than going to Dad's house on Christmas day, my husband and I have decided to "check out" and go to a hotel in Toronto, for a nice vacation. :)
• Philippines
5 Dec 09
I already feel it that Christmas time is on the air, like visiting the mall all the stores in there are already dress in season. Thus, Christmas spirit is alive with a lot of decoration around. that is really important at all to consider Christmas is not like an ornamental things to remember as a time to decorate but also to remember the savior child in the manger. Thus, keeping the faith is the message as well as learning to shares and taking care of each other like a family.