Outta Time?

@mchavez11 (1406)
December 5, 2009 11:46am CST
When we reach a certain point in our lives we think of things we could've done to just at least reach our dreams and goals or just come near it. But what if these things still far from reach and you're in your mid thirties or early 40's already. Do you feel that you're running out of time? How do you deal with this? I sometimes give it a thought of just letting it go, but deep inside me it still burns and makes me wanting it more. Although sometimes I start to feel weary and tired. Hoplessnes sets in somehow but as long as I live there's still hope.
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• Philippines
6 Dec 09
I believe that time is not really a hindrance in achieving dreams.my role model,Coco Chanel,designed the tweed suit when she was around 60 or 70.her fashion house became more famous for that suit.same as with Colonel Saunders of KFC,who started the fast food chain when he was around 60.as long as you want to do something and have the passion for it,then age doesn't really matter.who said that achieving your dreams should be done at a younger age?
• United States
6 Dec 09
its never too late to turn back. theres always new opputtunities dont give up
• Japan
5 Dec 09
Just be realistic with your self and accept what you can or can't do. But never give up! Many famous people reached success when they were in the later years of their life. You are never too old, unless it is something physical in some cases, but even still you can still do amazing things at some ages. Michael Jordan for instance, he played till he was 40, and he was scoring more points still then the 20 year olds in the league. He still had the energy and the love for what he did. He did not do it for others or the expectation of others, he just did it because he loved the game of basketball. So Don't give up, I think it has more to do with the battle in the mind. It all starts there.