pantie troubles

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December 5, 2009 11:49pm CST
Ok, so just yesterday I ended up destroying/loosing 5 pairs of panties. Why? Here's what happened: It started out when I was vacuuming. The first pair of panties got stuck in the brush part (or as I like to call it the mouth of the vacuum lol). When I tried to pull it out, it ripped and got torn to shreds. So I thought, hey I'll get the shop vac out to stop this from happening agin because it doens't have a brush. Well, this ended up making things worse. I was careless with teh shop vac though, because I thought it didn't have a bag in it. I ended up sucking up 3 pairs of panties. When I was done vacuuming, I opened it up and was shocked to find a bag in it. (It hadn't had a bag in it for weeks, so I was used to it not having a bag in it. I had forgotten I installed the bag last night). So, it ended up costing me more in the end that way. Another pair I ended up throwing away in the trash by accident. Where I live, there is a trash shoot where you just throw your trash in and it falls into trash bins below the building. Well, I was throwing away some old clothes that day. I had accidently picked up the wrong pair of panties and threw them down the shoot! It was terrible watching them fall all the way down into oblivion (lol). So that was how it happened. It just wasn't fair. lol.
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26 Feb 10
I do the same thing with my eldest daughter's panties, since she leaves them out all the time. I now have a one warning rule, and after that they're fair game for my shop vac. They suck up very easily. :)
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1 Mar 10
lol That's how I'd be if I was a parent. Just curious, how old is your eldest daughter?
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3 Mar 10
My eldest is 15, and my youngest is 6.
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31 Mar 10
You really don't mind sucking up all her panties like that? What happens if you suck them all up?
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• United States
6 Jan 10
Sounds like this could never happen in real life. How could you have your panties near a vac in the first place. Was it that they were on the floor? I hope not I truely do.
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25 Jan 10
I don't ever pick up my clothes!!! I'm surprised I haven't sucked up other stuff!
• Australia
6 Dec 09
Thats what you get for trying to vacuum out your panties
• United States
8 Dec 09
I basicly ended up doing that, which reminds me of the time that kinda did happen lol. I have lots of problems with my panties, they seem to get ripped/sucked up/flushed/thrown away alot. lol. That and my bras lol.
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@reckon21 (3484)
• Philippines
11 Apr 10
This another topic that makes me smile. You are the first person I knew that simply have vacuumed her undergarments and please don't be angry if I tell you that you are such a lousy cleaner and I think you area messy person because how did your panties ended up in a floor. Anyways,next time before you do the vacuumed thing always make it sure that all your undergarments are safe in the drawer or else you will go broke always buying new panties. Funny girl you are.