what kind of physique do the girls prefer for their boyfriend?

December 6, 2009 3:17am CST
hello everyone.i would say this discussion is mainly for the girls.but its okay even if anybody shares their thoughts.i want to know what kind of a physique do the girl prefer their boyfriend to have.of course it is true that once you are in love that doesn't matter.but i would really like to know,so please share your thoughts.here are the choices. Do girls prefer 1)slim shaped 2)athletic 3)perfectly toned and not that large but good enough 4)boys with high mass and size(gym bodies i mean) please respond and share your thoughts
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• Philippines
6 Dec 09
Well for me, I'm already a housewife, but I can describe my husband as a slim shaped just like me.. and he is a word-lover, I mean he loves writing and composing different articles. Maybe that's the qualities I liked from him. But you know what, we are very different. All the things that he likes to do, I don't like it. And he is also the same for me.. So that's why I do believe that opposites attracts!
• United States
6 Dec 09
Well, I like Nerds, so I love glasses, intelligence, he can have a little muscle, but it's not a requirement. I care more about personality than appearance.